America’s Most Veteran-Friendly City Of San Diego, California

San Diego has been described as the top destination for returning troops and veterans with many reasons why veterans highly covet the metropolitan California city. We salute San Diego as being one of the best residential cities for veterans in the country. 

City Of Veterans

San Diego is not just veteran-friendly as there is a strong military presence in this city. San Diego is home to 60% of US Navy ships,240,000 veterans, and 100,000 active-duty military personnel making the city truly the military nexus of America. 

Vets constitute over 13% of the population that is also around the same percentage of businesses are owned and run by veterans. Military spending also accounts for a substantial percentage of jobs in the region. 

The enormous military community is reason enough for vets to reside here. You can benefit from the numerous veteran associations that will be eager to assist you. 

High Standard Of Cleanliness

San Diego has consistently ranked high among America’s cleanest cities. This speaks volumes about the level of care and due diligence that authorities exercise to maintain a high standard of living in the metropolis. Veterans would like to live in a clean and beautiful place with San Diego fitting this description. 

Good Weather

The southern state of California boasts fine sunny weather all year round. Here, you won’t have to suffer a cold, freezing winter where you can barely see the sun. 

Plenty Of Recreation 

You can partake in a plethora of recreational and outdoor activities. San Diego is a great place for beach-lovers with pristine sands and clear blue waters are nearby. San Diego is also known as a surfing destination with surfers riding the waves in the turquoise blue sea and soaking in the fresh air and sunshine.        

Did you know that some San Diego citizens actually go surfing before heading towards work? As crazy as it sounds, this is the reality in fun-filled San Diego. How many can other big cities boast such leisurely joy? San Diego also offers other outdoor activities like snorkeling, fishing,  hiking, and biking in San Diego. 

Food Galore

Foodies will love sampling gastronomic delights from over 7,000 restaurants in San Diego with an abundance of all sorts of cuisines. Foodies can indulge in all imaginable cuisines here in San Diego. 

Do you like Mexican food? If yes, then San Diego is the place to be, thanks to its enormous selection of Mexican eateries. San Diego is positively the best in the US for Mexican food. That’s hardly surprising considering that San Diego is just a stone’s throw away from Mexico. 

Superb Employment Opportunities

In San Diego, the wage and employment rates are higher than the national average. Hence, it will be easier for veterans to find a well-paying job in less time. 

Bottom Line

San Diego is also known as America’s Finest City for several good reasons. It also has the highest tax rates and property prices in the country. That being said, it also has a higher-than-average employment rate and wage average. However, it is not perfect. All in all, San Diego is great for veterans.