Best College Resources For Military Families

Who Qualifies For Military Financial Aid?

Most military scholarships require applicants to have served or currently serving in the Navy, Army, Coast Guards, Marines, or Air Force. There are also exceptions for high school students inspired to enlist in the military before college and have been ROTC members. They also give scholarships for family members of veterans and wounded warriors. 


Must be a U.S. citizen when applying for a military scholarship. Most only require a minimum High School GPA of 2.0, a transcript, personal essay, and recommendation letters. Requirements are also considered according to demographic, income level, and academic performance while considering their candidates. They also list their deadline to apply on their website, and timeliness is factored in as well. 

How A Military Scholarship Works

Financial aid is automatically given to anyone who qualifies for a military scholarship. Potential students can apply for scholarships, grants, low-interest loans, and housing to help pay off their tuition fees with a military scholarship. Military scholarships can range from around $10,000 – $25,000 and will last 2-3 years of an academic degree. When trying to find a scholarship, you should contact the college’s academic advisor or operational staff on military duty to give you a list of resources and connections. Another option is checking scholarship website databases like;; and