Common Misconceptions About The U.S. Military

With over 20 million veterans and over a million active members, the US military makes up a small percentage of the over 330 million citizens living in America.
This difference and the perception of military life have led many to develop common misconceptions about the US military.
Let’s discuss some of these common misconceptions and debunk them once and for all. 

Common Misconceptions

Here are some of the most common misconceptions about the US military. 

1. Women Do Not Progress Far

Contrary to popular belief, women have excelled in every branch of service. Initially, they were only allowed in the Army Nurse Corps. However, a lot has changed since the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act of 1948. Theban on women in combat jobs has long been lifted.
This has allowed women to progress in combat branches and hold positions previously only assigned to men. There are currently over 60female generals and admirals on active duty in the five services.
Even the highest-ranking military position of chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has long been open to female generals. 

2. Boot Camp is Just Like the movies

This is perhaps the most popular misconception about boot camps. While veterans who went through basic training in the 70s may have experienced the movie-like boot camp, it is different now. Drill sergeants can no longer physically touch personnel, use profanity, or shame or haze them.
Behavioral problems are no longer solved by “dropping” personnel and demanding 20 (pushups). Trainers, drill sergeants, and leaders know how to tackle and solve problems productively, without hazing or shaming of any kind. 

3. Military Jobs Have No Relation to Civilian Jobs

           This is a common misconception about the US military that has no real backing. On the contrary, almost every job in the military has a civilian counterpart. Given that almost 80 percent of military jobs are non-combat jobs ,it isn’t hard to understand why they are similar to civilian jobs.
The military encompasses every field under its name, from science and medicine to commerce, hospitality, and more. Many private companies even prefer veterans for key positions in their organization because of their work ethic, leadership skills, and dedication. 


These were just some common misconceptions about the US military, and there are plenty more, like anyone can join the military, combat veterans are explosive, and boot camps are designed to fail you. We can discuss these and many more in another post.