Fall In Flagstaff, Arizona

When you think of Arizona, you likely think of dry heat and cacti, and not a hotspot to enjoy the fall weather and changing foliage. However, the city of Flagstaff offers a different slice of the state that not many are aware of and makes a gorgeous destination year-round. Between the vibrant downtown area of this city and the endless variety of hikes nearby, there really is no shortage of amazing fall activity to take in in this hidden gem of a city. 

The majority of Flagstaff sits at an elevation of over 8,000 feet. Therefore, the city resembles places like Colorado and Wyoming more so than it does Arizona. Its location also keeps the temperature relatively mild compared to other places in the fall and winter months, although it does still get cold. Combine these conditions with the incredible scenic views provided by the nearby San Francisco Peaks, and you have yourself a perfect place to get out and take some unforgettable fall hikes to take in the changing colors of the alpine landscape. While countless hikes are available and all are amazing, I recommend the Wilson Meadow hike which will take you through an incredible area to view wildflowers. Another hike to check out would be the Aspen Nature Loop, which gives you a great view of Humphreys Peak, which is Arizona’s highest point. 

The city of Flagstaff has figured out that it is a desirable destination for fall travelers, and therefore has made sure there is a lot going on in town during the season. There are countless festivals happening, including a great Oktoberfest downtown, and countless art festivals. While hiking would be the ideal activity to take part in Flagstaff, there really are things for everyone to do and enjoy. I fully recommend giving Flagstaff a try for your fall vacation!