Give Back By Supporting Veteran Charities

There are many ways to thank military members for their service, but you can show your appreciation by volunteering your time or donating to a charity for veterans. These are some veteran charities that you can volunteer for or donate towards funding as a way of thanking military members for their service. 

The Gary Sinise Foundation is a charity that benefits military members and veterans in need through donations. This foundation focuses on the mission of Americans doing what they can to honor the nation’s defenders, first responders, veterans, and their families that are in need. 

The Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation was founded in2002 with the mission of providing educational counseling and college scholarships for children of military members that were lost in the inline of duty. This foundation is known for the #DropAndGiveMe10 Challenge in which supporters post a video of doing push-ups in honor of fallen patriots and matching a donation for each full push-up then challenge three others for participation. Another way to volunteer for this foundation is through knitting or crocheting panels for a project to raise awareness for their mission. 

The Disabled American Veterans organization has offered services for disabled veterans since 1920 including job programs, disability assistance, and VA pensions. You can contribute to this organization through donating or volunteering at your local Veteran Affairs hospitals helping as a driver to transport veterans to medical appointments. 

Hire Heroes USA is an organization dedicated to providing job training for veterans with other veterans with business experience or business owners that can volunteer as an employment partner. Volunteers help prepare veterans to come back to civilian life with fundraising, mock interviews, outreach, or career counseling for veterans and their families. 

Operation Gratitude is an organization dedicated to thanking veterans, active-duty personnel, wounded warriors, and caregivers by sending care packages. Volunteers help donate and assemble the care packages containing standard necessities including handmade items, snacks, and hygiene supplies. Operation Gratitude also has a letter-writing campaign in which volunteers can directly thank military members for their service in their own words that are appreciated by the recipients. 

Honor Flight Network has a unique mission for military members as a non-profit organization that offers veterans free flights to Washington to visit the memorials built in their honor. The organization operates with a priority list starting with surviving vets from World War II and veterans considered terminally ill. Civilians can volunteer for this organization by greeting veterans at the airport during arrivals and departures with another option of escorting the veterans on their flights for safe travel. 

These are some of the many organizations commemorating military members and veterans that can benefit from small acts of kindness. Regardless of where you choose to volunteer, you’ll be doing a great service while thanking military members for their service and showing your appreciation.