Most Famous War Memorials To Visit In The United States

War memorials are created to honor the memories of the people who sacrificed their lives for their country. These allow you to commemorate the sacrifice these people made and pay your respects to martyrs. 

The war memorials of the United States tell you the war-rich history of the nation. Each of these represents a vibrant piece of the country’s long, rich history. While every war memorial is special in its own way, we’ve shortlisted the most famous war memorials in the US that are captivating and appealing. 

Vietnam War Memorial

Also known as the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, this war memorial pays tribute to the military martyrs who fought and lost their lives during the Vietnam War that started in 1965 and ended in 1975. “The Wall” is the most famous part of this war memorial.  

This wall includes the name of over 58,318 Americans who gave their lives for their county. In addition, a part of this memorial is dedicated to the nurses who served during the war. The Vietnam War Memorial is located in Washington DC’s Memorial Park and remains open to the public for 24hours throughout the year. 

Marine Corps War Memorial

The U.S. Marine Corps Memorial is located in Virginia near Arlington Cemetery. It has a bronze photograph from 1945 at the entrance. It honors the efforts of five Marines and a sailor who raised a flag over Iwo Jima during the war of Japan. This war memorial is also called the “Iwo Jima Monument.” 

Though the monument commemorates an event from World War II, this memorial is dedicated to all the US Marine Corps personnel who have died in their nation’s defense since 1775. 

Korean War Memorial

The Korean War Memorial is a must-visit place for every citizen of the US. It is also known as the Korean War Veterans Memorials that is located in Memorial Park. This memorial was created in 1995, and it represents19 stainless steel statues and a “Wall of Remembrance”. It celebrates the military allies who took part in the Korean War from 1950 to 1953. This war memorial is also open 24/7. 

Liberty World War I Memorial

The Liberty Memorial is located in Missouri and was created in 1926. This war memorial is one of the earliest monuments created to honor the memory of the soldiers who perished during World War I. 

The monument is a pillar made of concrete, steel, and limestone rising to a height of 217 feet. This memorial is now surrounded by the “National World War I Museum.” 

Valley Forge National Memorial Arch

This war memorial is located in Pennsylvania and is based on the Roman triumphal arch tradition. The arc of this museum pays tribute to the arrival of General George Washington and his army to Valley Forge during the time of the Revolutionary War. The arch was designed in 1917, and nearly 1.5million visitors see it every year. 

Final Words

And that brings an end to our discussion on the five best war memorials in the United States that you should visit. While every memorial represents special events of the country’s rich war history, the above mentioned war memorials stand out from the others!