Pros and Cons to Joining the Military

The United States military is a large and complex organization. Joining the military has its pros and cons. Still, the question that everyone asks themselves is, “Should I join the US military?” The answer to this question depends on different factors, such as your age, your lifegoals, and your previous enlistment in the US Armed Forces. In this blog post, we will explore these pros and cons to help you make an informed decision about joining the military. 

Pros of Joining the Military

Joining the US military is the shortest route to success, quality education, and better living standards. However, it’s a decision you have to enlist early in your life. Despite numerous applicants every year, only a handful are chosen to joining the US military, and this is because joining the armed forces has countless benefits. Here are a few pros of joining the US military. 

  • The US military prioritizes education. Therefore, the military GI bill allocated $40,000 for educational funds. 
  • The GI bill also offers various scholarships, financial assistance for those with disabilities, and much more. 
  • The US military is an opportunity to earn money while becoming educated at the same time. Some recruits have made over $100,000 in their first year as they received both their regular pay and education benefits. Becoming qualified for enlistment provides opportunities such as getting paid sufficient wages before you are even eligible to claim your tax return! 
  • Another benefit of joining the armed forces is that it offers job security after discharge or retirement from service. With all these advantages, there’s no wonder why people want to join the United States Military! 

Cons of Joining the Military

Military life has its drawbacks too! The cons can be discouraging and sometimes daunting. Here are a few to mention.  

  • A career in the military is not a lifetime job. With only 20 years of service, you are eligible for retirement and benefits.
  •  You may be deployed overseas without any notice to family or friends because it’s an occupational hazard of being present in combat zones abroad.
  •  Military jobs can also involve exposure to hazardous substances, leading to long-term health problems such as cancer, congenital disabilities, leukemia, and more!
  • You may have less freedom because your time gets divided into strict regimented schedules that dictate what you’re doing 24hours a day – even when off duty.
  • You also have limited options on where to live(most likely far from home) based on the needs of your command and current assignments. 

Final Verdict

Despite these cons, some strong pros make up for them: Pros include living on base with no rent expense; receiving full medical coverage including dental care; guaranteed paychecks every two weeks with low levels of risk while stationed domestically. So if you are patriotic and want a financially secure life, you should try joining the US military.