The 3 Best States For Veterans To Retire 

Retiring from the military is always difficult as veterans have to go through many challenging situations such as disabilities, homelessness, post-traumatic stress disorder, and more. It is hard to find a peaceful place to live their remaining lives respectfully.

With all of this in mind, and considering the costs of living, tax benefits, and quality of life in general ,let’s look at the best states for veterans to retire in. The states on our list have multiple benefits for retired veterans, such as tax exemptions and breaks, VA health facilities, and veterans treatment resources.

These states also rank high on housing affordability, low costs of living, and quality of life factors like military installations. While all of this is important, these states are also great places for veterans to relax on the beach or go on adventures with their friends and family. 


Virginia has the second-highest veteran population per capita out of all states in America. With almost11% of the adult population being veterans, there must be good reasons behind why Virginia attracts so many veterans to their state.

First off, Virginia offers multiple tax exemption benefits to veterans or their spouses and family. Tax exemptions on real estate and homes, and up to $15,000 in tax deductions on military payments. Veterans and their dependents can also access various education incentives.

Other benefits include preference to veterans for state jobs, free hunting and fishing license, and The Virginia Veteran Family Support Program(VVFS). The VVFS program provides veterans and family members healthcare, rehabilitation, and support services. Virginia is a beautiful state with beaches, mountains, and history. The state also has 27 different military installations that veterans can make use of. 


Florida ranks third in the population of military veterans living in a state with over 1.5 million veterans, making it one of the most veteran-friendly states in the United States. This is partly due to Florida not taxing military retirement.

The states offer veterans property tax discounts of up to $5,000 to veterans who suffer combat-related disabilities of 10% or over. Veterans with permanent disabilities or disabilities that confine them to a wheelchair are eligible for a total exemption from property taxes on their homes.

Veterans also receive tuition breaks, get preference for state jobs, and Veterans and their spouses are also eligible to get an exemption from business taxes. Spouses and children of deceased or disabled veterans are also eligible to receive scholarships of up to 110% of the credit hours required for a bachelor’s degree. 

Florida also has21 military installations that veterans can make use of. It is a warm and sunny state where veterans can relax and spend time on the beautiful Florida beaches. 

South Carolina

Veterans make up over10% of the adult population of South Carolina, with more than 350,000 veterans residing in the state. South Carolina as a whole is great for retirement due to the low housing costs and costs of living.

Disabled veterans can get tax exemptions on their property and homesteads. This tax exemption can also be transferred to surviving spouses or new properties. Veterans older than 65 are eligible for tax exemptions of up to $30,000on their earned incomes. The state also gives preference to veterans for state jobs, and children of totally disabled veterans can receive free admission and tuition at state schools.

With sandy beaches, rich culture, history, and eight military installments representing all military branches, South Carolina is considered one of the best states for veterans to retire in.