The National Cemetery And Military Memorials Of Alexandria

If you tell someone you plan to visit Alexandria National Cemetery, they might think you are talking about Arlington National Cemetery. It is certainly true that the Alexandria National Cemetery is frequented less often when compared to the Arlington National Cemetery. 

However, this is a historical site worth visiting, especially if you want to visit cemeteries where Civil War veterans are interred. 

History Of Alexandria National Cemetery

Previously, the Alexandria National Cemetery was called Soldiers’ Cemetery. The location has great historical significance since it greatly influenced the final outcome of the Civil War. This site was included among 13 other burial sites that were made in 1862. 

In less than two years, the burial site spread over 5.5 acres was almost fully occupied. This led to the establishment of Arlington National Cemetery, which, thankfully, is not too far. It is only at a 5-mile distance to the north of Alexandria National Cemetery. 

Due to its relative proximity, it would be a good idea to pay your respects here at the Alexandria National Cemetery when you visit Arlington on Memorial Day or any other time. These deceased veterans also deserve recognition for their critical role in keeping the Union intact. They gave their lives to make America as proud and united as it is today. 

Alexandria National Cemetery once had 39 deceased Confederate troops. However, Daughters of the Confederacy transferred them all to Christ Church Cemetery which is not too far away. These two cemeteries are included in Wilkes Street Cemetery Complex, which links several burial grounds dedicated to the Jewish and Black communities. 

Alexandria Historical Sites

If you ever come to visit the Alexandria National Cemetery or the Arlington National Cemetery, you can plan tours of nearby historical sites. Alexandria has a long history that is older than the American Revolution. You can contact the local tour companies to arrange a walking tour for sightseeing. 

Carlyle House

There are several sites worth visiting in Alexandria. For example, you can take a tour of the Carlyle House that dates back to 1753. This Georgian manor was built by a wealthy merchant named John Carlyle. 

Gadsby’s Tavern Museum

There is also Gadsby’s Tavern Museum. This place has an intriguing history since it became the nexus of Alexandria’s social, business, and political activities. It served as a luxury hotel during the eighteenth century. The historical site is now a museum that includes both the tavern and the hotel.  

Bottom Line

Thankfully, Alexandria is a city devoted to maintaining its rich historical heritage. So you can think of coming here to savor nostalgia and learn more about American history after paying your respects at the Alexandria National Cemetery and nearby Arlington.